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Refund Policy ..

Refund Policy for Gift Cards at Cashify GC:


Our commitment at Cashify GC is to ensure your satisfaction with our gift card buying service. Our refund policy aims to provide transparency in addressing refunds for unsold gift cards. Please acquaint yourself with the following terms and conditions:


Eligibility for Refunds:

Refunds are applicable solely to gift cards that have not been sold to vendors through our platform.

The availability and demand for a specific gift card brand influence the eligibility for refunds.


Refund Procedure:

Should your gift card remain unsold and meet the criteria for a refund, you can request a refund by contacting our dedicated customer support team at

Upon receiving your refund request, we will thoroughly review it and, if approved, expedite the refund within a reasonable timeframe.


Addressing Fraudulent Gift Cards:

In instances where we identify any gift cards as fraudulent or in violation of our terms of service, we retain the right to withhold payment and take appropriate measures to safeguard our platform and users.

For any gift card found to be fraudulent, a refund will not be processed.


Payment Processing Clarification:

While we strive to promptly process payments, the timeline for receiving payment for sold gift cards is contingent on demand and the processing capabilities of our payment partners.

Unforeseen delays in payment processing may arise due to factors beyond our control, including technical glitches or unforeseen events.


Getting in Touch:

Should you have inquiries or concerns pertaining to our refund policy, our proficient customer support team stands ready to assist you. Please connect with us at


Kindly review this refund policy meticulously before utilising our gift card selling service. By using our service, you acknowledge and accept the terms outlined above. Be aware that this refund policy may be subject to updates, with any revisions posted on our official website.

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