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Guidelines for Submitting Gift Cards:

  1. Rate Calculator: Kindly avoid submitting gift cards that are not listed on our Rate Calculator. Our Rate Calculator provides accurate and updated information about the gift cards we accept and the offers associated with them.

  2. Minimum Denomination: Please keep in mind that we require a minimum denomination of $50 to process any gift card. Gift cards with a value below this minimum will not be processed at this time. If you have gift cards valued below $50, please get in touch with our customer support team for assistance.

  3. Processing Eligibility: Even if a gift card is listed on our Rate Calculator, its processing eligibility might vary based on demand and market conditions at the time of submission.

  4. Home Depot Cards: We do not process gift cards for Home Depot with a value less than $100.

  5. Partially Used Cards: Kindly refrain from uploading partially used cards, as we do not process them.

  6. Sunday Submissions: Cards submitted on Sundays will be processed on the following day.

  7. After 8 PM EST: Cards submitted after 8 PM EST will be processed on the next day.

  8. Need Help with Unlisted Gift Cards?  If you have a gift card that's not listed on our website, don't hesitate to contact our support team. We might be able to assist you with it,Get in touch with us for further assistance.

Processing Time: Processing times for gift cards may vary. Not all cards will be paid on the same day. We advise submitting cards only if you are comfortable with this timeline

Payment Mode Terms: In the event of any issues arising with the chosen payment method, we reserve the right to request an alternative payment method.

Very Very important Notice : Please avoid uploading gift cards that are not listed on our website for processing. We are not responsible for any balance discrepancies or validation for unlisted cards. Only submit cards specified on our platform or reach out to us for further guidance. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding

Rate Calculator

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